Generation and Evolution of Transform-Ridge Interaction and Behaviour on Earth

GEOTRIBE - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme from 01/04/2018 to 31/3/2020


M1 • Apr 2018 • EGU Conference in Vienna (oral presentation, poster presentation, convener, giving short course on PyGplates, poster judge)
M2 • May 2018 • Launch of the website
M3 • Jun 2018 • Workshop at College de France: 50 years of plate tectonics (poster); Kangaroo goes science event for high school students at ETH Zurich; Kangaroo Goes Science at ETH Zurich
M5 • Aug 2018 • Research stay at GFZ Potsdam, Germany (2 weeks), Germany, working with Simon Williams (Professor at Department of Geology, Northwest Univesity, Xi'an, China) and Sascha Brune (Head of Geodynamic Modelling Section at GFZ Potsdam)
M6 • Sep 2018 • Start of the German classes: Basic German A1 part 2 with Ursina Tones; Orientation Event at ETH Zurich; Funding “high gain/high risk” research: is the ERC reaching its mission? by EU Grant Access office
M7 • Oct 2018 • Invited talk at ETH Zurich; Honorary lecture by the Fields Medal recipient Alessio Figalli at ETH Zurich; Act with confidence: Self-presentation for women in science workshop at ETH Zurich
M8 • Nov 2018 • StagYY workshop at ETH Zurich; Hosting Sascha Brune at ETH Zurich; How to write a competitive H2020 proposal by Sean McCarthy at University of Zurich; Anti-Stress Diet: Feed your resources, improve your performance workshop at ETH Zurich; Invited talk at EqualiTea at ETH Zurich
M9 • Dec 2018 • End of the German classes with Ursina Tones; Publication of the manuscript "Breakup Without Borders: How Continents Speed Up and Slow Down During Rifting" in Geophysical Research Letters, DOI 10.1029/2018GL080387 (available in open access on EarthArXiv); some videos are available on youtube and in the supplements of the publication
M10 • Jan 2019 • Two days symposium on Doctoral Supervision; Starting organising weekly Geophysical Fluid Dynamics seminars at ETH Zurich
M11 • Feb 2019 • Storytelling for presentations workshop at ETH; Start of German classes: A2 level: Listening, reading, and discussing by Sabine Buchmann
M12 • March 2019 • Successfully navigating through the challenges of being a woman in a STEM career (organisation and participation); Fix the Leaky Pipeline kick of meeting in Bern
M13 • Apr 2019 • EGU Conference in Vienna (two poster presentations, convenor, poster judge); Talk on MSCA IF at MFF Charles University in Prague, Czech republic; Interview for Matfyz (in czech) and Veda a Vyzkum
M14 • May 2019 • StagPy workshop at ETH Zurich; Project leadership workshop at ETH Zurich; End of the German class with Sabine Buchmann
M15 • Jun 2019 • Symposium on Geophysical Space Missions to Terrestrial Planets at ETH Zurich; Teaching gravimentry course (1 day); Successful Networking by Susanne Matuschek workshop at ETH Zurich
M16 • Jul 2019 • IUGG International conference in Montreal, Canada (Two oral presentations, Women in Scinece Networking); Interview for Tech and Science by Newsweek; Career planning workshop at ETH Zurich
M17 • Aug 2019 • Statistical methods for data analysis - machine learning workshop by Women++ in Zurich; Workshop on Project management for research at ETH Zurich
M18 • Sep 2019 • Blog post on how to write a MSCA IF application (in Czech) for Veda a vyzkum; Brian Kennett's course on Planning and Managing Scientific Research organised at ETH Zurich; Project management for research workshop at ETH Zurich; EPSC conference in Geneve; Web Development: intro to HTML and CSS workshop by Women++ in Zurich; Start of the German classes
M19• Oct 2019 • Start using Pitz Daint Cray XC50 supercomputer at CSCS, the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre in Lugano, Switzerland (allocated 300 000 node hours); Meeting with Sandrine Jacobs from the European Commission at ETH Zurich; Workshop on Leadership and how to succeed in the scientific community by Sarah Shephard at ETH Zurich; Publication of the manuscript "Where does subduction initiate and cease? A global scale perspective" in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2019.115836 (available in open access on EarthArXiv); suplemental materials for the manuscript including the movies and data are available here via @OSFramework maintaned by the Center for Open Science
M20 • Nov 2019 • Blog post on how to publish in open access and why is it important to support open science; Workshop on Scientific Management by RTTA; Double winner of the Hack'N'Lead 2019 hackathon organized by Women++ (Thomson Reuters challenge winner and overall hackathon winner)
M21 • Dec 2019 • Public talk on MSCA IF actions during workshop for Czech early career researchers, Prague; Czexpats Konference pod stromeček 2019; Leadership Development and Empowerment for Young Female Scientists (Organisation and participation); End of the German classes with Sabine Buchmann
M22 • Jan 2020 • Handing over the organisation of the GFD seminars
M23 • Feb 2020 • Invited talk at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
M24 • March 2020 • Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon; StagPy workshop; Invited talk at ETH Zurich (cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic)